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"Accept children with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom." Rudolf Steiner; founder of Waldorf School.

Every parent wants to provide their child with a quality education. But sometimes, the nature of traditional schooling fails to provide students with the tools they need to succeed. Children learn to despise the learning process as opposed to embracing it. This leaves many students ill-equipped to develop necessary skills like problem solving, critical thinking and emotional regulation.

The Waldorf approach to early childhood education rejects the concept of traditional schooling and emphasizes alternative forms of learning. Children, starting from infancy, explore the world around them through interactive education and a hands-on curriculum.

A Waldorf Education for Ocean County is a personal initiative organized by former educator Kurt Stofko. His goal is to bring early childhood education programs using the Waldorf style of learning to Ocean County, NJ. If you're passionate about our children's future and want to contribute to this initiative, call 609-709-7676 today.

About Waldorf Education

Your child will thrive in a Waldorf-inspired school.

Why Waldorf?

Explore the benefits of early childhood learning the Waldorf way.

Early Childhood Programs

Expose your child to interactive learning as early as infancy.

Elementary Education

Well-equipped children produce competent adults.

Children who received a Waldorf-inspired education grew to be well-rounded adults who never stopped learning. The interactive education they received in their formative years led them to graduate from Ivy League schools and excel in their careers of choice. In addition to core subjects like reading, math and science, children will learn:

  • Self-sufficiency and independent thinking
  • Effective communication skills
  • Advanced problem-solving skills
  • Appreciation for different cultures

With a Waldorf-inspired education, your child will have the "freedom to choose and realize their individual path."

Let's work together to bring early childhood education programs to Ocean County, NJ. Visit our Contact page now to express your interest.

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